For the making of comfortable house that family smiles involuntarily

Design your thoughts, your own completely customed house

We, SHOWA, will shape the desire for the "ideal residence" of those who live there.

For a truly livable home, not only the local culture but also a plan that suits the life cycle and lifestyle of the family living there is essential.
And no one knows the family better than the family.

Because it is a house where time goes on with the family, we will create a house that considers the family, from the roof and wall materials that make up the appearance, to the handle of the cupboard.
First, let's talk about your "home of dreams" together.

As a construction company in Hokkaido, we, SHOWA, are constructing in Hokkaido, focusing on imported housing by the 2 × 4 method (two-by-four method).

"Quality" and "Technology" of SHOWA's Housing

SHOWA has built many homes for domestic and foreign customers in Hokkaido Hirafu area.
In order to satisfy customers with different values and customs, we are constantly thinking about the elements required for life and housing, and working on building a home.

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For you, the making of ideal house