Company Info

Company Info


company name

SHOWA Co., Ltd.

Street address

〒 063-0863
Hokkaido, Sapporo City Nishi Ward 8 Station 3 Article East 4 chome 1-1

phone number
business hours


Regular holiday



Kyoya Takahiro


A 14-minute walk from JR Kousei Station and a 13-minute walk from JR Hachiken Station

■ Division
Reform House Division ( )

■ Capital
20 million yen

May 12, 1988

■Business contents
1. General construction contractor
2. Contractor for civil engineering and landscaping work
3. Design, construction and supervision of buildings and facilities attached to buildings
4. Planning, design, construction and supervision of stores and building construction
5. Rental and sale of fixtures and fixtures for stores and buildings
6. Buying and selling real estate
7. Sales of interior goods, home furnishings, and electrical appliances
8. Sales of building materials
9. Restaurant management
10. Management consulting business
11. All business incidental to the above items

■ Permission/registration
Special Construction Business - Building Construction Business: Governor of Hokkaido Permit Ishi (Special-30) No. 13587

Special Construction Industry - Interior Finishing Business: Governor of Hokkaido Permit Ishi (Special-30) No. 13587
Real estate transaction business: Governor of Hokkaido Ishikari (2) No. 8448

■ Officers
Representative Director and President Takahiro Kyotani
1 full-time director

■ Employees
Finance 1 person / Construction department 7 people / Sales department 2 people

■ Licenses and qualifications
1 first-class architect
2nd class architect 1 person
1st class construction management engineer
2nd class construction management engineer 1 person
1 real estate broker

■ bank
Hokkaido Bank Kotoni Branch

North Pacific Bank Shinkawa Branch

■ Group companies
Eiki Co., Ltd.
Marine products, food business, handling of various export products, sales of imported building materials, sales of custom-made fixtures

Construction Results

Construction Results

year 2012
July Sapporo City Nishi Ward apartment renovation construction
July Sapporo City Nishi Ward K Dental Clinic renovation work
March Miyanomori H House new construction construction

December Hidakacho H House new construction construction
November Furano city Hokusei farm repair work
August Qingdao R House new construction construction
April Garnett new construction
February Moiwa Village repair work

December Kuriyama Town restaurant repair work
November Yantai Yakiniku restaurant design work
November Nicolas new construction
November Annupuri Pension Belary Renovation
June Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo City apartment repair repair work

December Lynwood model house new construction construction
November Susukino flower mulberry leaf repair work
September Kiyota Ward, Sapporo City K House Renovation Work
June Stephan king new construction
April Sapporo City Chuo Ward Fisheries Processing Plant renovation work

Completion of December Clara & Ray new construction
OMC-4 new construction, Nancy Yang new construction, Chitayat new construction, Odori Garden Hills renovation construction

Completion of September Jones New construction
October construction completed Skits new construction
Completion of November CC-5 new construction
Completion of December Perter new construction
OMC-4 new construction, Randle Holl new construction, Norway A & B new construction, Clinch new construction

November completion Land New construction information
Ishi Coulor new construction, Latitude 42 new construction, Sapporo City Nishi Ward I new construction

To 2005
Sapporo City Teina Ward F House New Building Information, Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward N Store New Construction, Sapporo City Minami Ward Ward Blue House Riverside Building New Construction, Sapporo City Rotating Sushi Building New Construction, Sapporo City Rotating Sushi Building New Construction, Otaru City Otaru Beer, Otaru City Otaru Music Box Hall 2