There is no shortcut to making a house

Please tell us carefully about your "ideal residence", as it is a house that spends a lot of time.
As well as knowledge and technology in housing construction, we, SHOWA, are construction builders who are working on housing construction that value the "thoughts" and "minds" of our customers here in Hokkaido.
We, SHOWA, think that the tight attitude of creating together with our customers is the basis of creating a good house.
We will realize the creation of a house where the thoughts of our customers are shaped and accumulated up to every corner of the house.

Construction Results

It is our construction example

  • ~ 30 million yen

    Introducing properties for up to 30 million yen.
  • ~ 60 million yen

    Introducing properties up to 60 million yen.
  • ~120 million yen

    Introducing properties up to 120 million yen.
  • 120 million yen~

    Introducing properties starting from 120 million yen.
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SHOWA Co., Ltd.

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〒 063-0863
Hokkaido, Sapporo City Nishi Ward 8 Station 3 Article East 4 chome 1-1

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Kyoya Takahiro


A 14-minute walk from JR Kousei Station and a 13-minute walk from JR Hachiken Station